Terms of use

Terms of Use
The Registration on and the use of the website "hurtigforum.de" is absolutely free of charge. However, you must acknowledge the rules and declarations listed below.

The Administrators and moderators of the website "hurtigforum.de" try to keep unwanted contributions away from this website; however, it is impossible to check all contents manually. All contributions exclusively express the authors' opinions, and therefore the owners of the website "hurtigforum.de" cannot be held responsible for the contents of individual contributions.

Statements in the name of this forum may only be made by the forum's operator and persons authorised by him.

This forum is no advertising platform. Therefore any form of advertisement for products and/or services is forbidden. The only exception of this rule is the answer to a direct question for a product and/or service in a thread or post. Also links to the user's own website in posts or their listings in signatures are unwanted. Such a link can be put into the relevant box in the "About Me" section of the user's profile.

By completing the registration process for this website, you positively declare that you will not use this website for the publication of obsceneties, vulgarities, offences, propaganda and (extreme) political positions as well as for the violation of any current law, including verbal violations.

In case of violations of, amongst others, morality, the moderators and administrators of this website are entitled to edit or delete contributions and profiles without any explanations. Users whose profiles have been blocked are not allowed to register for this website under another user name. Double accounts will be blocked at once and without warning.

Please adhere to the netiquette and respect the Forum Rules (link in the bottom line) which supplement these Terms of Use.

Have a nice time using the website "hurtigforum.de"!

Hurtigforum is a free discussion platform. In this context the term "free" means that all contributions by the members of this forum are freely licensed. The private use and passing on of texts taken from contributions is allowed as long as the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany-Licence are adhered to. These conditions also apply to all uploaded media contents, especially photographs.

All users declare that all contents they contribute to this forum are provided to the public under the conditions of the mentioned licence. This regards to all contents directly uploaded onto the webspace of "hurtigforum.de". Contents integrated from other websites by using BB codes are exempt from this condition since this form of integration only is a kind of link to another website of which the contents remain the property of its owner.

Explanations and Conditions
The private sharing of contents taken from this forum is bound by the following conditions:

You have to state the author's username under or next to the shared contribution. Furthermore, a link to the respectice post in this forum must be provided. In the case of media for which the integration of a link is impossible, providing the URL "hurtigforum.de" will suffice as a substitute.

You may use and share contents taken from this forum as long as this happens non-commercially. As soon as the medium on which contents taken from this forum are published generates income (this explicitly includes advertisement banners, popups and the like) or serves trading purposes, the use of contents from this forum will be regarded as commercial and is not allowed. In case of doubt you should contact the author.

Should you change contents taken from this forum or make them in any identifiable way the basis of an own creation, the newly-created works and contents may only be published and shared under licence conditions identical or comparable to the licensing conditions applying to this website.

1) The authors of entries in HurtigWiki (hurtigwiki.de) are allowed to use texts from this Forum in HurtigWiki without indications of sources. When photographs are used in HurtigWiki, the author's name or username and the CC logo will be integrated into the picture as a watermark unless the author has already marked it in this or a comparable way.
2) The post card scans in the post card thread do not fall under the CC licence. All rights fully remain with the respective publishers!

Trademark Law
We do particularly emhasise that the use of brand names as nicknames is not allowed.
It is also not permitted to use brand names or brand name related slogans in thread titles and headlines. In Addition to that, the use of brand names for advertising purposes is not allowed. Entries in conflict with these stipulations will be deleted upon having been noticed.

Users not adhering to the current trademark law will be warned on the first occasion and have to reckon with their expulsion from this forum on repetition.

You are strongly urged not to use any materials under the copyright of a third Party.
Do only upload data for which you own the copyright. It is not allowed to upload or integrate photographs or any other copyrighted material onto the servers of hurtigwiki.de and/or hurtigforum.de. Also, it is not allowed to publish or quote texts taken from other sources in this forum. Should such passages be found, they will be deleted without further comment.

Users who do not respect the valid copyright laws will be warned on the first perpetration and may be excluded from this forum on the second such perpetration.

Information for Copyright Holders
Due to the very large amount of electronic publications, especially in writing, it cannot be excluded that users may upload or integrate materials that infringes on existing copyright rules. Also it cannot be guaranteed that any such material will immediately be identified as such.

Should such a breach of copyright be brought to our attention, the material in question will immediately be deleted. In order to report a breach of copyright you may contact us by e-mail using the address provided on the Legal Notice. Your e-mail should clearly identify the content in question (please always provide the URL and the relevant passage) as well as the publication or website from which the copyrighted material has been illegally taken.